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Wickedness and Faithfulness: Day 19 of The Bible in 90 Days
June 19, 2012, 5:07 pm
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The Bible in 90 Days

Day 19: Judges 15:13-1 Samuel 2:29 || Read the CEB online

“In those days there was no king in Israel; each person did what they thought to be right.” (Judges 21:25 CEB)

“Now Eli’s sons were despicable men who didn’t know the LORD.” (1 Samuel 2:12 CEB)


The story of God’s people has reached one of the lowest points. Things are bad after Gideon; they get terrifyingly worse by the end of Judges; and the story of Samuel opens without a lot of hope in those who should be the most faithful to God. The story of Ruth is a brief interlude of hope, but it was likely written down later and for a different purpose than the trajectory begun in Deuteronomy, Joshua, & Judges and finished with Samuel & Kings.

On Sunday we’ll talk about the chief problem that arose after the Israelites entered the land, but for now, let’s think on the problem of our own sin & God’s faithfulness. Even when the means God established did not work as intended, there’s a plan B. The courage & unrelenting perseverance of Hannah mirrors the way other Biblical women faithfully bear fruit for God’s way, like Miriam, Deborah, & Mary who also praise God’s righteousness and justice in song.

Where is the Church now: at a low or high point?
Through whom has God worked out a plan B in your life?

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