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Bible in 90: Conclusion — and a new (old) church home online!
August 30, 2012, 3:01 pm
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Bend in the RoadIf you’re reading this post, then our official “The Bible in 90 Days” summer program has ended. Hopefully, your reading went better than my effort at blogging, since I didn’t even make it to the 1/3 mark here on the blog. Even if you haven’t made it to the New Jerusalem by today, it’s okay. Keep at it, and you’ll soon arrive. More importantly–what was the journey like?

My hope for all of this is that you have deepened your hunger and thirst for hearing from God through the Biblical witness. It can be a strange and confusing place (Daniel, anyone?) not to mention obscure and arcane, or mundane and boring. But through it all, God still speaks in Holy Spirit-whispers through a text which is not only ancient but surprisingly contemporary…not just inspired a long time ago, but still inspired when we come to it today…not just translated from Hebrew and Greek, but translated into each life that comes looking for God.

If we’ve learned a little bit, deepened a relationship or two, and depended on God more and more, then I’m a happy camper (and pastor!). If we’ve begun to see changes in our life–or in our families or workplaces–then I’m over the moon!

Whatever your experience or insight, please take a moment and send me (Pastor Josh) a note through the updated church webpage — there’s a lot left to do there, but more and more church information, news, and resources will be present throughout the fall. I’m hoping this site will be an online hub for our church and community, along with the Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social media channels. I’ll take any feedback or help writing the content I can get! In the meantime, this site will go dormant, since there’ll be plenty of activity over there. We’ve got a great Fall ahead of us, and wonderful things will continue to be done by God–I couldn’t be more excited!

Grace and Peace,


June 22, 2011, 8:10 pm
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Welcome to the online portal for Perritte Memorial! We’re glad you came to visit us here, and hope that you’ll visit us IRL on Sundays: in the morning for Sunday School at 10am and traditional Worship at 11; or in the evening for our Mosaic experiential worship at 6pm.

We’ll be using this site initially for daily prayers for our team going to Haiti; every day that they’re gone, we’ll be praying for the people of Haiti, for the team, and for the powerful ways which the Holy Spirit will be at work. If you’d like to contribute a prayer, let us know in the church office by emailing perritteumc [at] gmail [dot] com ; if you would like to receive the prayers by email, then just sign up to the left!

I’m confident God is already at work at Perritte, in Nacogdoches, and around the world; if we pay attention and stay open to the work Christ is calling us to, unimaginably amazing things are just around the corner!

Grace and Peace,


Image of “Portal Nou, Dalt Vila, Eivissa / Ibiza” by Ernest Prats Garcia courtesy of fotopedia, under a Creative Commons License: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works