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Sing to the Lord for an overflowing victory! Day 5 of The Bible in 90 Days
June 5, 2012, 7:07 am
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The Bible in 90 Days

Day 5: Exodus 1:1-15:18 || Read the CEB online.

There are some days that are pretty much like every other day. That doesn’t mean they’re bad–not at all, in fact it’s in the routine that they have their value. But then there are some days which define your entire existence. Maybe it’s a tragedy, maybe it’s unexpected joy, maybe it’s a new relationship or simply a new way of seeing and understanding the world around you and how you fit into it.

The Exodus is that defining moment for the Israelites.

Looking back on it, this is the moment when it all changed. A whole people, a great nation goes from slavery to liberation, from no identity to unity, from no people to God’s people in the blink of history’s eye. And for those of us who identify with God’s people in Exodus, we can see ourselves in this story. We can see the ways in which we are complicit in sin and oppression, and therefore witness God’s challenge through Moses to adopt compassion and soften our hearts. We can see how we are led from “the slavery of sin and death” into freeedom and salvation. And we can see how God asks each of us to take up our own prophetic vocation and be ministers of Gospel freedom to those around us.

How do you identify with each of these characters?
Does God still intervene in human events & history?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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