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The Third Sunday in Lent: Cleansing the Temple
March 11, 2012, 6:38 am
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If you are in East Texas, join us as we continue our series on “The Way of Jesus” Sunday mornings at 11a, or at our Mosaic experiential service at 5p; 1025 Durst St., Nacogdoches, Tx.

Cleansing the Temple
Mary Ann Ebert

Is this the gentle Jesus
Whose healing touch is balm,
Consoler of the broken
And messenger of calm?
Is this the friend of children
At whom the tempests cease–
Are these his hands of blessing,
Is this his voice of peace?

His eye is bright with anger,
His workman’s hand strikes clear–
The traders cringe and scatter,
Torn by unholy fear.
The mighty temple totters
For all its golden wealth:
The Spirit blows a tempest
Of cleansing, of new health.

This is the day he promised
Of good news to the poor–
Cast out the old corruption,
That blocks the temple door!
Throw wide the gate of freedom,
Let all God’s children come!–
Through Jesus’ broken body
God’s people shall come home.

Every day during Lent, a brief thought, meditation, prayer, or picture will be posted here. You’re invited to use this as a jumping off point for your own spiritual practices during this season of preparation for Easter. If you would like to share a response, please comment below!


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